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Elementor toggle widget

Thanks in advance! If removing the hamburger menu as sited above and replacing with text, you may be able to remove the following lines from the CSS code for. Hello menu text very big i want small text plese give me css code İ m sorry my english very bad. Adjust value as needed. You may also have to adjust the bottom: value too. Any idea what the issue would be?

Hi Dean, Have you cleared all your caches? If you are running a cache plugin make sure to clear that one as well. Caching is the most likely issue.

I have three menus in my header. Two are for desktop and tablet only with mobile hidden, the third is visible on mobile only and that is the one I want the text on.

I still just the get the burger menu dead centre, no text. Tried it on a local test site and it works fine. I appreciate you trying to help me through this. I am only seeing the second block of CSS when I use Firefox dev tools to inspect the menu in mobile view. The code you provided has changed my menu color to red, which is fine for testing, it shows the code is affecting the display of the menu correctly, but the text will not display for some reason.

elementor toggle widget

I have a question about the navigation menu overall. I am simply looking to get my parent page remain in an active state on the menu when viewing individual portfolio items. I am not an expert coder and have been doing quite a bit of research the past few days and testing different things but have not had any success. I would tremendously appreciate it if you could help with this one!

I would also like to have my Portfolio items to behave this way. If I have some time, I may look into it to see if it can be adapted for this configuration. Hi great advice on here and worked well for me but I need the text to sit under the 3 bars. Could you please help with the code for this.Do you install Elementor on your WordPress site?

If yes, you might want to enrich your widget library. For instance, Elementor has no default widget to display your Instagram feed. Or, if you want to integrate plugins like BetterDocs or LearnDash, Elementor has no default widgets to do so. In addition to adding new widgets to your Elementor, some add-ons also add extra features. For instance, Happy Addons has a Live Copy feature that allows you to copy the demo style from the Happy Addons website to the page or template you are working on.

Another example, Essential Addons has a feature to password-protect a page. If you are looking for a free Elementor add-onhere are 8 of the best add-ons you can try. Happy Addons is released as a freemium add-on.

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You can download the free version of this add-on on the official plugin directory of WordPress. At the time of writing April 15,the free version of Happy Addons comes with 32 widgets, including two widgets to display articles on your website. Here are the widgets offered by the free version of Happy Addons:.

Elementor: Can’t use widgets

In addition to the widgets on the table above, Happy Addons also comes with several extra features such as floating effect, CSS Transform, and widget background overlay. A special enough feature offered by this add-on is the icon set.

Happy Addons comes with over line icons to enrich your icon library. If you use the pro version of Happy Addons, you will get some features to streamline your workflow, including Live Copy, cross-domain copy-paste, and preset. Essential Addons is one of the most popular Elementor add-ons. It is also released as a freemium add-on with the free version is available on the official plugin directory of WordPress.

The free version of Essential Addons comes with 38 widgets, including widgets to integrate BetterDocs in case you use this plugin. If you use WooCommerce, the free version of Essential Addons also comes with a widget to display your WooCommerce products in a grid style. There are also widgets to display articles on your website. Here are the widgets offered by the free version of Essential Addons.

In addition to the widgets above, Essential Addons also offers some extra features. Essential Addons is a perfect add-on if your business has a physical location such as a coffee shop, boutique, zoo, and so on. It has a widget that allows you to create an advanced map. Despite its name, Premium Addons is released as a freemium add-on, meaning that there is a free version available.

The free version of Premium Addons is also available on the official plugin directory of WordPress.

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It comes with 22 widgets. There are widgets to display the articles on your website, create an advanced map, and some widgets to create creative elements like Dual Heading and Vertical Scroll. Premium Addons offers premade templates to streamline your workflow. Templates are available in both the free version and pro version. You will see a new button on the canvas area of Elementor once Premium Addons is installed and activated. You can use the button to load the Premium Addons templates.

JetWidgets is a free Elementor add-on from Crocoblock. It comes with only 12 widgets but they are very essentials. Here are the widgets:. You can use the Subscribe widget to create a better-looking email subscription form and integrate it with Mailchimp or use the Contact Form 7 widget to create a better-looking contact form. If you love the widgets offered by JetWidgets, you can install JetElements which offers more widgets.

JetWoo Widgets is a great free add-on if you use WooCommerce and still have no conviction to use the pro version of Elementor. JetWoo Widgets — which is developed by the same developer as JetWidgets — comes with two widgets that you can use to display your WooCommerce products in a listing style and grid style.Our Great Services. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, me consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod.

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Starter Plan. Start Now. Business Plan. Photography Services. Photo Gallery. Play Video. Money Back Guarantee. Yearly Unlimited Sites. Get Started. Lifetime Unlimited Sites. Support Request. Connect With Us. Email Youtube Twitter Facebook Menu. Essential Widgets.

Content Widgets. Posts Widgets. Pricing Widgets. Navigation Widgets.

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Image Widgets.You may have seen many websites show two pricing plans like for example monthly and yearly or yearly and lifetime so and so…. They show it in a way that you can easily toggle between the two pricing plans, it gives a better user experience and saves some space on the page. If you want to use a content toggle widget in elementor you can use some add-ons most of them are paid or you can create your own. For creating our elementor widget we will use a free plugin called Unlimited Elements for Elementor.

This is how I keep Designtheway.

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Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content How to create a content toggle widget in elementor. Ananda Projapati Last Updated: November 29, Free Tools. Font Style Generator. Text Shadow Generator. Box Shadow Generator. Signature Generator. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on linkedin. Share on pinterest. Share on email.

elementor toggle widget

You may have seen many websites show two pricing plans like for example monthly and yearly or yearly and lifetime so and so… They show it in a way that you can easily toggle between the two pricing plans, it gives a better user experience and saves some space on the page.

Plugins required: Elementor Unlimited Elements for Elementor. You may also like. Create your websites color scheme in minutes. Make a website without any coding with elementor. Ananda Projapati.

He is a front end developer and an enthusiastic blogger. He loves playing with css and founder of www. Recent Posts. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.Use the Content Toggle widget of the Ultimate Addons for Elementor and allow users to switch between two kinds of content, saved templates or pages.

Dive in to check all the creative elements that let you enhance the possibilities of Elementor with creative elements and a user friendly interface at hand. You are backed by our amazing team and 14 days money back guarantee. Skip to content. Content Toggle.

elementor toggle widget

Watch Walkthrough Video. Build pricing toggles without coding Allow users to toggle between contents with a stylish switcher, headings, content, etc. Unlimited Sites. Updates and Support for 1 Year.

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Top Features:. Ever-growing Collection of Widgets. White Label Option.

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WooCommerce Ready. RTL Support. Performance Optimized. SEO Friendly. Get Started. Updates and Support for Lifetime. One Time Purchase. Bundle Plugins:. Astra Pro Addon. Astra Premium Sites. Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder. WP Portfolio. Convert Pro. Schema Pro. Ultimate Addons For Elementor.Hello I just wanted to create my first page using Elementor. I use OceanWP Theme and checked it with another theme too, having the same issue.

Regards Jochen. The page I need help with: [ log in to see the link]. Are you using Windows 10? Have the same issues you described. Tried ever theme elementor is supposed to jive with, no luck. In 4 days of searching the issue, the only post I saw stated that I need a different version of windows for it to work?

The Navigation Menu Tutorial - Elementor Pro

Hello druma Yes I am using Win10 64bit too and I tried other browsers, other themes and other php versions already. Nothing worked, like in the article you mentioned. I hoped to get an answer here from elementor support team. Ok I found an info on elementor page that edge and IE browsers do not work. Installed now Firefox and it works.

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Hope it helps you too. Skip to content WordPress. Skip to content. Resolved jfrenzer jfrenzer 2 years, 3 months ago. Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 of 4 total.

This reply was modified 2 years, 3 months ago by durma. In: Plugins 4 replies 2 participants Last reply from: jfrenzer Last activity: 2 years, 3 months ago Status: resolved. Topic Tags widgets Windows The tabs, accordion, and toggle widgets in Elementor can be styled from within Elementor, but those styles apply to all the respective items in each widget.

There may be times when you would like to apply certain styles to the individual items, including perhaps, a background image.

elementor toggle widget

That is what this tutorial shows you how to do using relatively simple CSS. For each of the three widgets, all I did in Elementor was add an additional item and additional text in the second and third items. It should be noted that if and when you add additional items, you will have to add an additional block of CSS for that widget type and increment the [data-tab] or [data-section] value accordingly.

The rest is done with CSS. I use the Simple CSS plugin and recommend that you do as well. Thanks for this video! I am looking for a way to only give the title tabs a background colour so it does not effect the whole background like in your video. Can this be done too, and if os, how please? Hi Chris, To target each toggle item separately i. Thank you soo much this worked perfect for me, I just needed to add background-size: cover; to get what I needed. Thank you very much for your videos, I found very usefull.

I am using a WordPress. All stays the same. Can you imagine why? I would like to give each tab title a different image, but only when active and hover. Do you know how? For the accordion is there a way to make it to where the options always open from the top? Currently, if you click an option while one is already open, it opens from the bottom.

Awesome thanks a lot! I got the active tab css, but not the others.